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Eco ComfyBed Horse Bedding



Eco ComfyBed is the most natural horse bedding on the market. Produced from carefully selected white wood Eco ComfyBed is manufactured to exacting standards specifically for horses.

ComfyBed is an almost completely dust free horse bedding which is extremely quick and easy to muck out. Our customers tell us that mucking out ComfyBed can take you less than half the time when compared to other forms of horse bedding.

By using ComfyBed horse bedding you will also have less wastage and a smaller muck heap. Being of smaller particle sizes much of the product falls through the fork resulting in less being thrown onto the muck heap. Also the muck heap breaks down to form an excellant biodegradable mulch.

ComfyBed produces a firm and supportive bed which moves much less than other types of horse bedding which also helps to make mucking out easier.

You will always find ComfyBed competitively priced. If you also consider its durability and lack of wastage then we believe you really are getting much better value.