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Sawdust Dispenser

We can supply AG Maxi sawdust dispenser
Contact us now for a demonstration but get your checkbook ready as customers have been so impressed that we havnt taken one home yet!

AG Maxi:

Battery operated wheeled sawdust dispenser
The AG Maxi is designed to discharge many types of sawdust at high speed with a capacity of 2-3 25kg bags.The Maxi is ideal for spreading sawdust on cubicles,
as well as for spreading other disinfectant materials.
Sawdust Dispenser

  • Spreads 3 – 4 feet from high speed conveyor
  • Variable discharge
  • Suitable for all types of sawdust, plus many other disinfectant materials
  • Fully re-chargeable
  • Time Saving
  • Labour Saving
  • More economical use of bedding materials
  • More even spread of bedding
Weight             (kg)Width             (m)Capacity (ltr)Discharge Speed             (Ltr/min)Discharge Height             (m)
74 0.80 215 215 0.45


See it in action: